Photography FAQ

How do we book Brian Becker Photography?
First, you need to check if we are available on your date. You can do this by phoning or email. If you like, we can arrange a meeting to discuss your photography requirements. There is no charge for this consultation. Should you wish to book, just contact me and send the deposit.
How much is the deposit?
For private clients, 25% of the fee will secure the date/s. For business customers, a purchase order is required.
Is the deposit non-refundable?
If cancelled more than 30 days before the booking because the groom has done a runner, I will refund 50% of the deposit.
How long till we view the photos?
I aim to send you a first batch of bride and groom photos within 1 week and photos of relatives, gatecrashers etc within 2 weeks.
How will we receive the photos?
The photos will be made available on a secure area of my website via an access code sent to you. Here you will be able to choose the ones you like. They will then be finally colour graded and sent to you via wetransfer as files. If you prefer to have photoprints, I can order these for you at extra cost, depending on size.
Can you organise albums and printed books?
Yes. If you let me know your requirements I will send you a separate quote.
Who will own the copyright of the photos?
After full payment, the copyright and ownership of the photos is transferred from the photographer to the customer. By agreement, Brian Becker may wish to use some of your photos in online marketing.
Are there special requirements for green screen photography?
Yes, any shade of green, including khaki will spoil the effect, so to be avoided! If you have a choice, a tighter hairline without straggly hairs will always look better.
What makes a good wedding photographer?
An eye for beauty, lots of patience and the ability to herd cats.