PR and Event Photography


Whether it’s widgets in Wolverhampton or plantations in the Punjab, in over 20 years of promotion and event photography, chances are I’ve already experienced something similar to the subject you need photographing. I have a wide range of cameras and mounts, safety equipment and, subject to a risk assessment, am willing to work safely just about anywhere.

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Why Hire a Professional PR and Event Photographer?

You want to record an event of some sort, maybe a product promotion, a public exhibition or a commercial project. Whatever the reason, you will want more than just a picture, more than a simple photograph and someone who can capture the essence of the event with a photo that will capture peoples attention and last forever.

If you are hiring a commercial photographer, then you will want an experienced, creative eye, someone who instinctively knows what angles and lighting is required to gets the best out of a product or situation.

Event photography is something we are also experienced in and can capture scenes that you might not have considered but that will look good in a photo.

Photo Improvements
Post processing is an important part of any photo session and ensures that your photos meet or exceed your expectations. Brian Becker photography spends many hours assessing what can be a large quantity of photos, choosing the best shots and making any changes required to present them at their best.

Choosing Brian Becker Photography to photograph your event, club, product or service is, without doubt, a brilliant choice!